Program design and delivery

Customized design and delivery of sustainable development programs. Use of neuroscience to ensure optimal learning. Expertise includes topics in leadership, management, communication skills, coaching frameworks and performance management.

Executive Coaching

Award-winning certified master corporate executive coach and certified mentor coach. Clients include CEOs, Partners and VPs as well as up & coming leaders and high potentials.

Internal coaching structures

Creation of sustainable internal coaching structures to empower your leaders and increase employee engagement and retention.

Leadership training

Highly recommended and proven leadership training for team leaders and high potentials. Programs with a focus on creating exceptional millennial leaders available.

Assessments and 360s

Increase self-awareness and effectiveness through different assessment tools including DISC and a variety of 360s. A great start to any coaching conversation.

Conference speaker

Popular and engaging conference speaker on a variety of topics including Your Brain on Change, and Learning & Development trends. If you have a specific topic in mind, please inquire.